Zentyment in its current form is the Chicago based brainchild of Max Nussbaumer and Jacob Frey. Zentyment started in 2021 as an experiment in NLP and morphed into the development of a universal search engine which we put on hold to reflect on the repercussions of AI and specifically LLMs on the software market.

While continuing to develop our own ideas for better products and services, we are actively scouting for interesting startups and talented, entrepreneurial people to invest in. Through one of Zentyment’s parents, Nussbaumer Beteiligungsgesellschaft (Max Nussbaumer’s Hamburg/Germany based investment company), we have a history of investing in and developing businesses –successful at times, less so at others.


Nussbaumer Projects

a consulting company with activities in Germany and the US


a subscription management company for the publishing industry


an experiment in democratizing high-frequency trading through crowdsourced algorithms

Spaceman ID

a self-sovereign identity platform

Our Partners