Where you work is changing...

You have a growing number of apps - each with their own files. Don't let the sprawl lead to unstructured systems. Let Zentyment be your guide!

Your file explorer for the future

We want to be your company's guide through your SaaS landscape

Cross-App Search

1 search bar does the work of 6 with Zentyment. Quickly search across all connected apps, and filter results for the places you want to see.

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Tell us where your files live - pick our next integration

We're always looking for new features, and we're serious about building for our users.

Tell us where your files live, and we'll add an integration for it.

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Built with security in mind

Your data is Yours
The Zentyment app communicates directly with your integrated providers (Google, Slack, etc.). All data is stored locally. Our cloud never sees any of it - in fact, the only thing we store is your user profile.
Industry Standard Authorization
We use OAuth 2.0, an industry standard, to access your files from integrated providers (Google, Microsoft, Slack, etc.).
Device Specific
Zentyment is built to be device specific. You always have the option to wipe your Zentyment account on one computer and set it up on another.

Build with us...

Zentyment is continuously looking for partners to build with and for. If you have file locations and apps that you want connected to Zentyment, let's talk!